A gathering of hungry disciples, pressing hard at any cost to go after Jesus Christ…. The first night of an informal, relaxed, Holy Spirit-led weekend…. A word shared by a brother who spends much time prostrate before the LORD alone…. a picture of knives of regret and pain being pulled out of everyone’s backs, one by one, by our Master’s hand…. I sensed the LORD expressing…. “All you’ve done, and all that’s been done to you – even though you’ve repented and been freed and healed and put it all behind you – tonight, it’s time for it all to just be swept away once and for all….” Profound.

Then, I glance down and see this….

….and it resonates deeply with what I just sensed the LORD expressing, “You need to go all the way back here. Become like a little child, where all that stuff is gone.”

If that was all that happened it would have been amazing! But God is doing some major work in His Body as a whole, for such a time as this!!!….

Next evening…. another strong message preached by a brother about laying everything down and following Christ the way disciples in the Bible did…. Near the end, another brother got a word of exhortation to not be the “third ground” in Mark 4, where the thorns and thistles of this world’s cares, anxieties and distractions choke out the Word of God. Everyone went forward in humility, desiring to just lay it all down and pray for each other to be focused on the Kingdom of God, not the kingdom of this earth….

In a very short time, several young children were weeping, repenting to God and asking parents and each other for forgiveness. I realized later just how much this was a continuation of what I sensed the LORD revealing the previous day.




An account by one child’s Dad, as this was happening last night…..

After things wound down for the evening, and we were settling in for the night, a word given by a sister was brought to my attention so I looked it up…. A brother had shared it the day before…. I don’t usually pay attention to these things, but because it’s such a confirmation of what I witnessed, I believe it’s worth sharing….

“I heard the LORD say, ‘The children will teach you.’  Instantly, I was reminded of many things the LORD has spoken to me regarding children in this new era. A mighty move of God through the children, the place of childlike faith and humility, and a move of His Spirit through the children could offend, if hearts aren’t positioned in humility.  As the LORD spoke these words recently, I was surrounded by this strong sense of the LORD saying, ‘Pay attention to the children.’

I was surrounded by such a deep sense that He is releasing and will continue to release a deeper revelation of childlike faith, deep trust, and wonder to many, through children right now.  There are some life-changing encounters with the LORD and His voice for many right now that are going to come through paying attention to the children.  

At that time, Jesus declared, ‘I thank You Father, LORD of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and understanding, and revealed them to little children.’  (Matthew 11:25)

Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.’  (Luke 18:16)

Jesus overheard them and said, ‘I want little children to come to Me, so never interfere with them when they come.  For heaven’s kingdom realm is composed of beloved ones like these.  Listen to this truth:  no one will enter the kingdom realm unless he becomes like one of these.’  Then He laid His hands on each of them and went away.  (Matthew 19:14)

I began to see many encountering the LORD through paying attention to the children, and the Holy Spirit speaking through the mouths of babes.  There are key lessons and moments of encounter that are taking place and will continue to take place for many, through watching and paying attention to the children.  The LORD showed me that there are going to be significant prophetic words that are going to come out of the mouths of babes for many right now that are going to give clearer direction and clarity in what the LORD is saying.  The LORD is going to astound and confound by His voice and wisdom that will flow through the mouths of babes.  It is important to pay attention.  The LORD showed me that there is going to be a rearranging of pace for many that is going to take place through paying attention to the children.  The LORD is going to release such deep revelation of what it is like to live in wide-eyed wonder like a child, to many right now, that it is going to see many, by the direction of the Holy Spirit, change their pace, and make room in their lives for more time to sit at His feet in wide-eyed wonder, to slow down and be present and enjoy the little moments, and not miss the beauty, revelation, and His voice in the little things of every day.  The LORD showed me through watching the children, the Holy Spirit will speak, and there will be a rearranging of priorities for some that is going to make space for a new move of God in their lives that is not what they have anticipated or expected.  I heard the LORD say, ‘I am going to teach many of My people again, the joy of Me and fun with Me.’  The LORD said to me, ‘The battle many have faced in this season, is that many have forgotten the joy that it is to know Me, and not to be so weighed down.’  We are in a serious and intense season, but the LORD showed me that many have forgotten what it is like to have fun with Him and to laugh.  The LORD is going to meet many who have been heavy-laden and weighed down by life, in moments with children, that are going to bring forth such joy and explosive joy within hearts that will see the Holy Spirit breathing life back into hearts in the moments they are reminded again, through watching children, what it is to have fun and to laugh.  There is going to be a deeper level of encounter with the LORD, revealing in greater ways what it looks like to have childlike faith, to take the LORD at His Word, and to live in a deeper level of trust without fear.  There is going to be a new level of joy that is going to spring forth in hearts as the Holy Spirit uses children to minister His heart for His people, to walk in childlike faith and humility.  Some of your prayers are going to be answered – hearing the voice of the LORD, deeper revelation, and lessons the LORD is wanting to teach, through the mouths of babes.  Pay attention to them.  There are some monumental moments with the LORD set up for you by the LORD through children.  Don’t allow distraction to rob you.  Slow down and listen to Him closely.  He’s speaking and revealing through the children.”

– Lana Vawser (2/3/21)

One thing I found especially interesting was how many times Lana said the words, “Pay attention.” Before coming here, I sensed God urging me specifically to, “Pay attention to what happens in Kentucky.” Coincidence? I think not.

My last post, THE WRATH OF GOD, prefaces this whole concept of childlike faith. I truly believe the LORD is revealing that we, the Body of Christ, desperately need a radical realization of how HOLY and RIGHTEOUS and ALMIGHTY and POWERFUL and AWESOME and GLORIOUS and WORTHY He truly is.

Unfortunately, I’m realizing just how drastically time and experience, religion and tradition, and the fear of man have dulled us down and robbed us of a greater depth of relationship with the LORD. The concept of weeping from the depth of our soul or dancing with all our might before the LORD seems foreign to an adult. Why is that? What have we lost in the mundane-ness of years and years of life on this earth? And how do we get back to being that unabashed child, with soul bared before the LORD, zealously pouring out to Him at all times, whether it be in contrite brokenness or joyous abandon to just spend time with Him!

LORD, take us back! Teach us YOUR WAY in this, along with everything else, Father! We need You to redeem what’s been lost! Make us more pleasing and glorifying to You! Have YOUR WAY IN US so that You may get more and more glory, LORD God!!


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