Back To The Garden

January 31, 2019

To walk in the Garden….. this is why man was created.

This is why I was created.

I don’t know exactly what corner was turned, or exactly when, but I sense God has ‘brought me back to the Garden’ to be in true constant fellowship with Him!  Although I have been aware of God’s presence with me profoundly at times, I can see His presence very clearly, deeply and consistently now, as if for the first time.

Another veil was lifted from my eyes…. another layer burned away.  I never want to retreat from this place.  I sense a strong exhortation in my spirit to walk slowly, carefully, in God’s Holy Spirit, waiting on Him for every single step, in order to protect this intimacy with Him!

NOTHING compares!  I can allow NOTHING to stand in the way of this ever again!

I can only surmise that constant, complete surrender of all things in exchange for seeking the LORD alone is key, and I acknowledge it has all only been because He has graciously drawn me to do so!  I could never have done any of this with my own thoughts or by my own will alone… It is ALL, ONLY by GOD’s gracious intention, and the power of His Holy Spirit!


Standing at the kitchen sink yesterday, I prayed one more time, trying to discern God’s will in a certain situation.

“I don’t want to talk with a counselor, LORD!  I want to talk with YOU!!,” I cried out in desperation….

God is God of ALL THINGS!!…. Miraculously, later in the day, the LORD answered my cry, and released my heart and mind from the darkness and bondage I’d been feeling!  I’M FREE!! My job here, with this particular situation is done!  I can march on, in His power and strength!

THANK YOU JESUS, FOR RELEASING ME FROM THESE CHAINS!!!!  I think of the apostle Paul and how he beseeched You three times to free him from a particular situation, yet by Your hand he still had to fight it.

I don’t take this liberation lightly, dear LORD…. I’m humbled and blessed by this release, and understand it is only so I can focus on You more fully!  Please cause me to walk carefully and circumspectly in all things, in Your Spirit every step of the way, from this moment on!!


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